60W spot laser welding machine for jewelry welding

60W spot laser welding machine key features:

  • Adjustable spot size for precise control.
  • Capability to adjust pulse duration and frequency for optimized welding.
  • Accurate positioning systems for precise alignment during welding.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Store and recall welding parameters for different applications.
  • Cooling system to prevent overheating and ensure stable performance.
  • Intuitive interface for easy operation and parameter adjustment.
  • Incorporation of safety measures to protect operators from laser radiation.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 51 × 30 × 42 cm
Laser Power


Laser type

YAG Laser

Operating Language

English, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese etc.

Beam Diameter


Pulse Width


Laser Pulse Energy


Cooling System

Built-in water cooling and air cooing

Packing Weight


Packing Size


Product Details:

Spot laser welding machines are commonly used in industrial applications for precise and efficient welding of metals.
A 60W spot laser welding machine typically utilizes a laser beam to create a concentrated heat source at a specific spot on the workpiece. This localized heat melts and fuses the metal surfaces together, forming a strong weld joint.
The spot size can be adjusted, allowing for precise control over the welding area.
So it’s widely used for jewelry making and repair. Dental, glasses and more industries are also widely used.

Features of Wellbridge 60W spot laser welding machine

  1. Laser Type: High efficiency and reliability YAG laser source, equipped with top level cavity and crystal, it could working in long time with powerful energy.
  2. Beam Quality: A high-quality laser beam ensures precise welding results.
  3. Control System: A user-friendly control system with intuitive interfaces and adjustable parameters makes it easier to set up and operate the machine.
  4. Support language: English, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Spanish etc.
  5. Welding Capability: High pulsed energy. It could work with vairous metal material, such as silver, gold, stainless steel, brass, iron, titanium alloy etc.
  6. Safety Features: Laser safety is crucial. Wellbridge spot laser welding machine with enclosed workspaces, interlock system, self protective system, and safety valve for eye protection system.
  7. Support and Service: 12 months warranty, 7*24 online customer support, training, and maintenance services.

Working samples

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