Unlocking Possibilities with Laser Welding Precision

Experience the perfect synergy of precision engineering with our advanced laser welding machines empowering your business with unmatched quality and efficiency.

Popular Products

60w laser welder

60W laser jewelry welder

Small and exquisite spot welding machine weighing only 25KG, integrating control and operation platform

80w spot laser welder

80W laser welder

Streamlined design, the operating & display screen can be adjusted freely to make continuous work more comfortable and easy

100 spot laser welder

100W laser welder

High pulse energy, extreme heat dissipation system, can work with external chiller to complete your work excellently

A simple way to contine your welding work

What Wellbridge Can Provide You

Rather than seeking a jewelry welding machine, what you need is a comprehensive one-time solution tailored to your specific work requirements.

Quality Assurance

We have a strong commitment to quality control and assurance, to maintain consistent quality standards and meet your specific requirements.

Technical Expertise and Support

With in-depth knowledge and a supportive team can provide valuable guidance, troubleshooting assistance, and even suggest innovative solutions.

Reliability and Consistency

Reliability in terms of product availability, on-time delivery, and consistent performance. Minimize your operations and ensures a steady supply of goods.

Competitive Pricing

Prioritize suitability over cost when selecting solutions. While we finding a balance between cost and value is crucial to maximize your return on investment.

Our Happy Clients!

“This company’s products and service is much more than expected.”


Ron Burnwood

“The laser is great, it is the best purchase I have made for my workshop.”


laser end user feedback
Antonio López

“This laser welding machine is very good, I used many laser welders, this one is quite good, and worth its cost.”

Lily Granger

“This laser welding machine is super cool, the work efficiency and quality are perfect.”

James Farron


Our expertise in laser and transmission encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions for your industry, materials, and applications. To help you choose the right machine model for your specific material.

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