How to choose the right laser welding machine

How to choose spot laser welding machine

What is the laser welding machine?

Laser welding is a technique that utilizes a concentrated laser beam to join metals or thermoplastics, creating a weld. This process is highly efficient, allowing for rapid welding speeds in thin materials and producing narrow, deep welds in thicker materials with square-edged parts. The popularity of laser welding is on the rise, thanks to advancements in the latest laser generation technologies. In essence, laser welding involves using a laser beam to join metallic bodies or thermoplastics. And as lasers become more and more popular, the thickness and range of laser welding are becoming wider and wider.

Laser Welding Machine Types

Fiber laser welding machine

Fiber laser welding machines are very suitable for processing metal parts. In addition, its output power ranges from 20 watts to tens of thousands of watts, and can be widely used in various industries. Equipped with a professional control system, high-precision welding can be achieved.

CO2 laser welder

The gaseous combination of carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen is electrically excited for optimal performance in a non-stop setting. Carbon dioxide lasers are similar to fiber lasers and can cut thick sheets quickly and efficiently. It provides an excellent continuous welding beam for efficient, durable welding. It can easily penetrate metal and non-metallic bodies.

Nd: YAG laser welding machine

Nd:YAG is one of the mature laser crystals obtained by doping Nd ions into YAG crystal. The pulses it emits have a wide range of wavelengths, and the most commonly used laser is in the 1064mm band. Nd:YAG lasers are less energy efficient than fiber laser welders. However, there are some applications that are not possible with other types of laser sources.

In summary, the choice between fiber, CO2, or Nd:YAG laser welding depends on specific material and application requirements, each offering distinct benefits in terms of precision, efficiency, and versatility.

Laser Mode

Pulsed laser welding machine

The light emitting mode of the pulse laser is discontinuous, and the light is emitted in the form of pulses. Its main feature is that the single-point pulse energy is high. When the pulse laser is used for welding, even lightweight thin metals are not prone to deformation. They are commonly used for various metal jewelry, refined crafts, and welding of precious and medical metals.

The spot welding machines on selling by Wellbridge all pulsed lasers.

Continuous laser welding machine

The light emission mode of the continuous laser is continuous. Its laser output is continuous and the welding speed is fast. If the metal workpiece is too thin, it will easily cause deformation, oxidation, or melting. It is more suitable for industries that do not require relatively high precision in processing work, such as doors and windows used in the construction industry, making kitchen utensils, machinery and equipment, the automotive industry, etc.

Advantages of laser welding machine

Fast speed and flexible use.

Fast laser welding. Welding speeds of thin-section materials can reach several meters per minute, depending on laser type and power. Lasers excel in high-productivity automated environments. For thicker sections, laser welding can complete the joint in a single pass, while other techniques require multiple passes. Laser welding is mostly machine-automated, and it can be equipped with multi-axis robotic systems that can easily remotely control fiber-delivered beams from Nd:YAG, diode, fiber and disk lasers, making manufacturing more flexible.

Narrow weld path

Laser welding produces high aspect ratio welds (large depth to narrow width). Laser welding is suitable for joint configurations that are not suitable for other (conduction limited) welding technologies. The welds are very fine and clean, and are widely used in precision electronic products or other small parts. Laser welding is very popular in the dental and jewelry industries.

Less heat and no deformation

Lasers use concentrated heat to weld. Laser welding produces weld metal that is small and transfers little heat to the surrounding material, so the sample deforms less than other methods. The low heat input also reduces the heat-affected zone on both sides of the weld, thereby reducing thermal damage or deformation of the base metal and significantly improving production efficiency.

Flexible material and thickness

Steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, plastics and textiles can be welded or joined using lasers. Depending on the type and power of the laser, steel thicknesses from under 1 mm to 30 mm can be welded.

Non-contact welding

Laser welding does not exert force on the connected workpieces and basically has no consumables. The service life of the machine is greatly extended and the cost of use is also reduced. Of course, in some welding work, in order to prevent the work from oxidizing during the welding process and achieve a more beautiful welding effect, protective gases will also be used. Nitrogen and argon are the most commonly used.

Easily realize automated welding

Laser welded parts can be combined with a robot arm or an X/Y/Z-axis work platform to achieve various customized automated welding through software settings. A high level of automation also makes it possible to detect and resolve any welding quality issues, thereby greatly increasing welding efficiency and speed.

Laser welding machines disadvantages:

  • The one-time investment cost of laser equipment is still high.
  • The assembly accuracy of mechanical equipment is required to avoid deflection of the laser beam on the parts, so a high-quality equipment supplier is crucial for every user.
  • Laser welding seams are thinner than MIG/TIG welding, and for metals with high reflective properties, higher requirements are placed on equipment.

The types of YAG spot laser welding machine

Nd: YAG spot laser welding machine is a pulsed type laser welding machine, it mainly have three different types

Manual operating

This type of machine is operate by manual, it always have a foot pedal to enable the operate to start each laser spot. Also in this machine you can adjust the machine working parameters, such as pulse width, frequency, energy percentage etc. manually. This type of machine the cost is relatively lower, the operation is simple, and the machine is small in size and light in weight. It is more suitable for relatively flexible places such as various jewelry stores, glasses or dental shop, laboratories, and handicraft workshops.

80w spot laser welder

Wellbridge 80W spot laser welder

Semi-automatic operating

This type of semi-automatic machine is relatively affordable. It is usually equipped with X/Y/Z axes and a workbench. After setting the program in the computer, automatic welding can be realized, but manual loading and unloading are still required. It is more suitable for mass production, and the welding speed is significantly improved.

400W laser welding machine

Automatic operating

Automatic laser welding machines are expensive and large, which greatly reduces manual operations. They can automatically position welding parts and significantly improve productivity, such as automatic welding by robotic arms often used in the automotive industry.

Robot welding

How to choose the right YAG spot laser welding machine

When choose the right laser welding machine, you need to consider at least these following point.

Where you going to use this machine

Factory, a store or self-workshop?

What you going to welding

Material: Different material requests different energy, and some high reflective is more special

Thickness: The thicker the material, the higher the laser power required

Size: it decided the working space size of the machine.

What’s the production ability you want

Your budget

If you have further requests, you need also consider the suitable laser welding machine parameters

Pulsed width meet your need

Pulsed frequencies it can reaches

Machine have correct beam diameter

Adjustable energy

If you have any further questions, Please feel free to contact Wellbridge at any time, we will provide you with high-quality machines and services


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