The thickness a spot welding machine can effectively weld

spot laser welding machine working samples

YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) laser welding machines are capable of melting a variety of materials, including metals and some non-metallic materials. However, the maximum thickness that a YAG laser can effectively melt depends on several factors:

  • Material Type: Different materials have different melting points. For example, compared with the melting point of silver, which is 961.78°C, the melting point of steel is as high as around 1500°C, while the melting point of gold is around 1065°C.
  • Laser power output: Higher power lasers are capable of melting thicker materials. Wellbridge Technology offers different YAG lasers with power outputs ranging from 30 watts to 200 watts to 400 watts.
  • Beam Focus and Intensity: The more focused and intense the laser beam is, the better it melts materials. This is often critical for precise and deep melting. The spot welding machine provided by Wellbridge Technology can adjust the spot size according to your needs, and is suitable for welding of different thicknesses and materials.
  • Beam Delivery System: The type of beam delivery system (e.g. fiber optic or articulated arm) affects the accuracy and depth of melting. Wellbridge Technology’s self-developed system maximizes energy conversion
  • Material absorption: Some materials absorb laser energy more efficiently than others, while some metals are highly reflective. For example, although the melting points of silver and gold are much lower than that of stainless steel, because silver and gold with high purity have higher reflectivity, the actual energy required to weld gold and silver is higher than that of stainless steel and other materials.
  • Pulse Duration: Pulse lasers can deliver short, high-power pulses that are effective at melting thicker materials. Wellbridge Technology’s spot welders can adjust the pulse length according to your needs, so they have wider applicability.

Generally speaking, the equipment provided by our company can freely weld metal materials below 2mm. The specific situation depends on the material. Welcome to learn more.

60W model working video

Taking these factors into account, YAG laser welding machines have the potential to melt metals up to several millimeters thick, depending on the specific conditions and parameters used. However, for very thick materials (more than a few millimeters), other high-power laser sources such as fiber lasers or carbon dioxide lasers may be more suitable.


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